Deluxe Build-A-Luge Ice Luge Kit


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Customize Your Luge

Blacklight UV Illumination Kit :

Never pay for another ice luge again! Use Build-A-Luge’s durable molds to create reusable, full scale ice luges in the convenience of your own standard freezer. Just fill the molds with water, freeze, and place ice blocks on the ice luge trough– Let the shots do the rest! Extremely portable and always a party hit, the Build-A-Luge reusable ice luge will pay for itself after the first use!

Deluxe kit includes:

This kit allows you to build either style luge!

Three (3) black trough pieces, leg set and hardware.

Three (3) ice block molds

Three (3) bright white LED lights

LED blacklights are available in addition to the standard LED lights provided in the kit.

Reviews coming soon! We'd love to here from you, send us pictures of your Build-A-Luge kit in action and it might be featured here.